Remedy created by nature are used for skin care for more than 10 000 years. Guinot uses these natural sources during the Aromatherapy facial so it could give back your skin’s natural beauty thanks to the essential oils and plant concentrate.

3 steps of Aromatherapy facial:

  1. We relax your face and relieve tension with a pressure-point massage which is adjusted to your breathing rhythm.
  2. In the next step we pamper your face with therapeutic essential oils which are absorbed into the deep layers of the skin while the soothing aromatic scent provides peaceful relaxation.
  3. Aromatic Mask applied as the last step includes plant concentrates which enhances the splendor of your skin and soothes it.

The Aromatherapy facial including essential oils is recommended for dehydrated skin. For maintaining the results on long terms those products are suggested to be used at home which suit the hydration goals and your skin type.